I'm going to cut all my layers where they end. Motion Design School . Once you import them, create a new solid layer the size of the composition. Let's look at the animation on that. At eight, actually 729, I'm going to set the opacity to zero. So to get that rotation, what I'm going to do is use a null. Swiss Knife is a group of 20 tools that … Any shape that I knew would be going from a rectangle or a rounded rectangle to a pointy cornered rectangle or to a circle, I made it a square or rectangle that had pointy corners. I also need to ease the ones in the password. If I set a keyframe, go ahead in time and go back to a square. You'll see that all of my shapes are in different layers and I've named them with the object first. By combining these two disciplines I create explanimations that help patients with chronic diseases understand complex medical information and take control of their health. That looks good. I'm going unsolo all my layers, I'm going to hide the second photo and let's see what else we have to deal with here. You'll probably want to add a few keyfames inbetween, to control the transition if you don't want the line to grow and shrink. Now I'm going to have them come out. If you're not using Overlord and you're importing your Illustrator files into After Effects and then converting them to shape layers, then you might have just run into a problem. I also need to set key-frames for the roundness and the position. That's because I was trying to add some motion throughout the whole entire animation, so nothing was ever standing still. With this class I want you to learn how to properly work with shape layers and their paths. All right. The layers that are actually parented to the swing control are going to be the suitcase inner and main, and then the passport main and the ticket main. Good. I'm going to need to bring this layer to the very top so that you can see it. Animating Ticket & Passport to Suitcase, Part 1: Once you have your graphics all ready and organized, let's jump into After Effects. Welcome to the easiest shape morphing in After Effects for 2020. I experimented with this and found that 49 works well for the transition from the plane. I'm going to find my inner camera and main camera, solo those and then on the sun photo, that's the first photo, I'm going to solo the photo inner and photo outer and then I'm just going to set the size key-frames on my camera inner and camera main and then I'm going to move ahead 20 frames and I can actually just look at the size of the photo. That looks a lot better. We'll talk about why size is important in just a second. After Effects Morphing Animation Tutorial. The teacher's recommendation is shown until at least 5 student responses are collected. Before moving on, I'm just going to make sure these key frames have the same easing as the rest of my key frames. I was doing the transition is to last about 20 frames, so we'll start with that. First thing first, I'm going to color code these green. Search for jobs related to Morph illustrator after effects or hire on the world's largest freelancing marketplace with 19m+ jobs. First of all, I want to tilt it because the earth is actually tilted and the angle is about negative 23 on the Z-axis. Then set a position key frame. Then let's have the little engine pieces move in as the Boeing moves in. But I still have that fill later to block out the map behind it. Now you probably won't have to recreate all of your layers in After Effects. Then the photo of sun rays have a pair already, and so what I'm going to need to do is actually cut and duplicate this layer. I'll just parent that to the null. 3. 24. My plane wing layer is just a straight line and so I animate the path from the straight line into this more angle line that makes it look more like a wing. That way it will be rotating and I can just hide it behind and then pop it out. The next thing that has to animate in is this little window line on the plane, so let's take a look at that. Morph Shapes in After Effects CC - Quick and Easy - YouTube All right, not bad. We don't need to parent them directly to the null. Now I'm going to import my second icon and then I'll color this orange, and then I'll parent the layers to the main suitcase. Then I'll do the same on the main. Then I'll just set this to the center of my composition and I know that 540. That works. Even though I do have that in the label name, it's just even more helpful to have them color coded. Morphing animations can be a great way to transition from one scene to the next in an explainer video. I'm going to animate the path of this location pin to line up with the circle that was my earth. set up your icons in Adobe Illustrator so they’re easy to animate, plan out your morphing transitions for a fluid and balanced animation, keep your After Effects project file organized, create buttery smooth morphing transitions between icons, manipulate the paths of more complex shapes for maximum control, create a 3D, rotating sphere in After Effects, use null objects to control multiple layers with ease, add anticipation and overshoot to take your animation to the next level, save time using tips I've developed from years of working in After Effects, If you're brand new to animation in After Effects, check out my class. By the end of this class, you be able to replicate my animation using simple icons based on the theme of travel. I'll go into this passport layer, hit "U" on the keyboard. Another great way to get shape morphing elements and movement into your design or video production is with After Effects templates. Animating Photos to Ticket & Passport, 22. I started with the theme of travel. That bigger size was 676. I don't really like the way that it's crashing into this other shape right here, so I'm going to animate the position as well. That looks good. Now the only thing left to do is my suitcase and you can see in my finished version, my suitcase has rounded corners and I forgot to do that here. That looks good. Then I'll do that same technique with the corners. My current animation starts at four seconds. You can see it just hides and disappears, and that's how I got from the suitcase to the plane. The filter relies on the use of user generated Adobe After Effects … Animating Extra Camera Layers In: All right. The animation on these lines is going from inside to out, and I want it the other way around. That was the goal for the travel icons animation I'll be demonstrating in this class. I'll ease all of those keyframes. If you want to jump right into animation, but want to challenge yourself by not doing the same animation as me, you could download the icon from my class, easy animated icons and use those or ask a designer friend to make some icons for you or find some online. That looks good. It can locate the basic morph line automatically, allowing you to create a smooth transition from one photo to another photo. Now we've got the morph from the camera to the photo. Then before I forget, I'm going to ease the key frames that I just recently set, and my globe needs easing to when it's rotating. I can just go in and rotate that 90 degrees then I'm going to animate the path, moving into the shape of the suitcase - main. The camera inner layer has a sized animation, so I can just copy these keyframes on to the mask layer, or I could parent the mask layer size to the camera inner layer size. Over through all the examples in the finished version of my animation and then show you how I created them. If I toggle down, I can see that it's actually already set up as a rectangle and that is super handy because now I can go in and round the corners. But even better, you’ll learn how to apply the same logic and techniques to any set of icons, or even other types of graphics, so you can make your own unique morphing animations. make sure you import as composition retain layer sizes, and if you don't see this option, click the option button down here. But that's going to make it more difficult for what I'm trying to do with this. That looks a lot better. So I'm going to find my camera entering camera main and show those. So I'll click and drag to select multiple anchor points and then drag them into place. I also need to extend my globe layer so I can see it. So I'll just do trim paths and I'll set the start to be 100. AFAIK there isn't a way to turn a parametric shape path into a bezier path. Basically, After Effects is cropping your graphics to fit the size of the composition. I'll just type that in. Then the folds are going to line up with this camera. Compatibility After Effects; Swiss Knife. What I need to do is go into my map layer, go to the controls and set a key frame for the radius. I am trying to morph one shape into another in After Effects. You don't have to use icons or graphics that are this style, but some of the techniques that I will be showing you only will work on this style. First, I'm going to set a rotation key frame and then go ahead 20 frames and set that to 90. If I were to do this in cinema 4D then I could've gotten Antarctica of look good in there. But if you look carefully, you can see that the edges of the water are cut off before they reach the edge of the photo. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, http://dropproxy.com/u/501/line_to_circle.aep, https://www.dropbox.com/s/08cvwd8e67tsg4b/line_to_circle%20%281%29.aep. Now if I hit U on the keyword, I can see that has keyframes now and sure enough, those lines are animating app. It's almost as if you're trying to hide the fact that one thing turned into something completely different, because it seems to flow so naturally. It's 195 and 210. I'll just go in and just select one of them and go to Effect, and then Channel and then Set Matte. I'll just go down and turn those on. After Effects is the main animation tool used nowadays for a variety of things: from UI mockup animations you see on Dribbble to movie animations, 3D character animations, movie and TV visual effects, gaming and web, this tool is very versatile and has lots of options for the user to create amazing things. The next thing I'm going to animate is the lines on the inside of the globe. That's because we've rotated it with the null. Past a 100 percent. So first I need to import my earth layers. These techniques come from the 12 principles of animation. You can see up here the stroke is really skinny and then around here, it's really fat. Now why did I need to animate the earth-outline as well? Then another example of anticipations right here, when the camera extends outwards horizontally before going in horizontally into the photo. They're going to rotate into place, and now we're ready to animate the next part. I'll find the suitcase-main layer, go into Rectangle Path and then Roundness and then I'll just set that to something that looks good, maybe like 40. My passport main layer should be visible. I hope you're having a blast creating morphing animations. Those sections are going to come from these three sections in the map. That way when the photo rotates, now, my sun rays are parented. But I'm going to do with a start going from 0-25 and since that's the same percentage as the end, that'll make it disappear. I'll just hide those layers and then solve the ticket main, and the photo of the sun, the outer part of that. There's always something to look at and then transitions flow from one icon to the next. What I need to do is just delete path 2 and merge paths from group 2 and also from group 4. That's going to animate the rays coming out. After Effects & PowerPoint w/ Andrzej Pach. I'm going to go into Effect and Set Matte it's up at the top because I've recently used it. A shortcut is you can click on the layer within your composition and then hit "X" and it will bring that layer to the top of your timeline. All right. I want the seam trim paths animation on all these lines on the ticket, so I'm just going to go into the label and go to the trim path and copy those trim paths. Same for the dots. So I'll set a size key-frame and then a path key-frame. I just know that I always have that if I need to get back to it. Let's see what we have so far. Looks good. If you'd like feedback on your plan post it in the class project. That way if I need to go back and change the size, I don't have to change it in two different layers. The first thing I'm going to do is the passport, and so with that and the flower photo inner. I'm going to move the inner photo layer up to the top but it has a fill so I'm going to take out the fill. First of all, I started out with a pretty big artboard. Yeah, that looks about right. But even better, you'll learn how to use the same logic and techniques on any set of icons or graphics to create your own unique morphing animations. Let's see how that looks. I will set a key frame for a position at 20 frames, go back in time, and then slide this over to the right a little bit, so it looks better and maybe even down to just match. Learn to morph between shapes, objects, or icons inside of After Effects. Yeah. I'll turn the rounding up until it looks like a circle. It shows the progression of going on a trip from getting your tickets and passport, packing your suitcase, flying around the world, navigating to your destination, and taking photographs. The basic general movement is going to be out. So if I were to move the globe outer, that moves on it own without the parent moving because it's a child. I'll go find all those dots and lines and solo them. Welcome: Welcome to animating morphing icons in After Effects. What I did here was just animate the position, down below the suitcase so it gets hidden and then I just chop it at the fastest point in the animation so that you don't notice it so much. Then I animated the position of them far away from the suitcase main layer, as the suitcase main layer is morphing into the straight line that makes up the wings of the plane. Of course, you can always create your very own icons. That means that when I move the passport main, all of those layers that I just parented are attached, but I can also move them individually. Then I'll go in and animate the path to make it line up exactly. We also may make the animation process a little easier if you use a similar style of icons as I did. After Effects Morphing Animation Tutorial After Effects is the main animation tool used nowadays for a variety of things: from UI mockup animations you see on Dribbble to movie animations, 3D character animations, movie and TV visual effects… Now, merge paths is a way to crop within a shape layer. You can also go into the graph editor and edit them. Second, how can we fix it? Tweak your spatial bezier morph path as you like Morph between any parameter that After Effects camera has Morph between multiple cameras to achieve complex camera animation Click one button … Then same for these top ones, holding down shift, I'll do the same thing for this piece and same for last one. That's basically how I would go through and add anticipation and overshoot to my animations. I'll set a position key-frame and then adjust the position. What's next? I found that parenting it doesn't work in this case because I have the rotation going on and I don't want this to rotate. First, let us focus on transitioning from one icon to another. Then I'm going to go back to zero and animate the path. Planning: Planning out what you will animate can save a lot of time in frustration later. These can be PNGs or Illustrator files — even Photoshop documents. That's why I add in the input. Then click "Open" and you'll new comp over in your project panel. So I'm just going to adjust this a bit. Then once it goes back down to its original position, I'll just set this back to the 300 that it was at. I'm just going to hit "U" on the keyboard, make sure that everything I just set is eased. Now I can trim my layers. I'm going to hide the camera button in the camera top sort of the same way that they came in. You just hit that little arrow. Both my circle and square will follow it. Everything is rotating from this point up here and so that's making that nice swinging motion. Looks good. It will start at zero as soon as the Morph is done. More Info. At the end of the animation, I want it to be about a quarter of the circle and then I want it to be in the upper left. Mograph This tutorial covers little tricks for optimizing shape paths, using guides like a pro and pushing a simple animation into something complex in After Effects. Hopefully, those examples have inspired you and you're starting to think of ideas about what you want to create. Before moving on to the next icon morph, I like to save a version of my project in case I mess something up and want to go back. Go probably the same spot about eight seconds in 10 frames and then bring that in. Next time I'm going to go in and mask out the earth because you can see that some of my strokes around the land are extending past my outline of the earth that I have. What I can probably do is take all the start key frames and drag them over to 20 frames. The last thing is the top tail. It's not a real 3D program. If you hold down command, it'll snap into place. So now I don't see the map through the location pin anymore. 7. I also need to trim my mask layer so that it shows up the entire time. Get 80 morphing After Effects templates on VideoHive. To do this, I have created a rectangle shape layer, converted it to bezier paths and added a keyframe where I want the morphing to begin. I'll actually just hide it and that looks good. I wanted to actually do a little extra animation. Animating Photos to Ticket & Passport, Part 2: Next I'm going to animate the details on the passport, so I'll just [inaudible] these ticket layers and then so the passport detail layers. I start the animation at two seconds, so I hit ''Control'' and hit to make this marker here. select the Path 1 path property and paste your path in there. The globe is going to come out a little bit extra before it lands in this position. The next step is to animate the lenses moving into the sun. So I'm just going to line up the guide with the bottom anchor point. This looks a little bit funky, this water layer is going to be masked within the photo and I'll do that part in after effects. So I'll set position keyframes for each of these lines, and at 20 frames, I'll have them each move out. I need to make sure that they're all eased. So I'll just put that about here and about here. How I did that is I attached all of the ticket and passport layers and all of the plane layers to this null object called swing control. That's working. I'll just do the stroke width and put that key frame just about there, and then make that zero. Any help will be much appreciated. Because there's just two rounded corners and not four, I've made this path rather than a rectangle with the controls for rounding because you can only control four rounded corners, not two like we have here. Morphing Shapes in After Effects - Morphing an imported icon. Then right there you'll notice that before the plane transitions into the earth, the main plane layer animates in, right there before it animates out into the earth. Now I have it rotating out and then I need to pair all the pieces of the flower photo to the photo outer. Check that out if you need a quick refresher. I'll just switch these key frames around to make it animated. Super Shape Morphing in. Now, my mask is working the way that I like it to. Well, my circle is shrinking down into the location pin. Then I have it moving in and down,and then I'm adding an up movement to balance out this downward movement here in the next transition, and then I have another inwards movement, followed by an outward movement in the next transition. We want to go more negative. That way my line will animate in from the center. Save it a separate files in Adobe Illustrator, former I use control shift is throat cut in order to safety piles, create a new composition in after effects, then drag and drop the three files in after effects. I want the Set Matte to be on all three of these other lines as well. 13. So I'll hit Command R to get the rulers. Click on the water and then I'm going to set masks. So now I have that line is being cut off. Then I'm going to set a keyframe for the Y-rotation. So I can look at the size of my inner camera lens. Animating Ticket & Passport to Suitcase, Part 2, 15. Now I'm going to add all the dots and my details to the ticket. Make a flat circle shape. We can make it look better if we move these lines out as the animation is going. Once you import them, create a new solid layer the size of the composition. I forgot to ease these keyframes. Then when it reaches the size of the Earth, it actually goes past the size of the Earth. Looks good. So I'm going to go into the location pin and then go to Add and Fill. Download over 187 morphing royalty free Stock Footage Clips, Motion Backgrounds, and After Effects Templates with a subscription. Morphing in After Effects Step 1: Create a new project and you will get an interface as shown below. So once it reaches the shape of the suitcase center, and it looks like I only have one shape, I'm just going to trim the layer. If you feel like this is happening to you, don't worry, it's totally normal. With this class I want you to learn how to properly work with shape layers and their paths. Then I'm going to go ahead, I know that my next transition is starting at six seconds, but want the rotation of the earth to continue a little bit past there. Square pixels. Rather than describe how I've gotten to this point, I've created a 40s video showing what I'm doing, and the resulting problem. Let's parent the rays to the inner lens of the camera. Next I'm going to animate the line on the password, so just go in and add trim paths by clicking this Add button with the triangle right here. The general movement on this one is going to be rotate counterclockwise and move up a little bit. Now I can animate the label on the bottom of the passport coming in. I'm going to go back in and unsolo this, I can see everything. For example, on this ticket and passport, I have the passport as the same color as this inner part of the suitcase. I'll just do position key frames. Then I need to adjust the size and the color and that solved the issue. But I also need to be rotating these camera layers so that they'll folds will line up with these lines on the camera. I'm going to move this back into place and actually just chop that layer, and then I'm going to ease these key frames. First, why is this happening? That layer is done. I'm just going to change the pair of these two feet to ticket-main, and I'll set a position key frame at 20 to where they are now. I know I can animate this name tag into this rounded shape of the plane. So that's where a null can come in handy. That circle is disappearing. I want this to always stay 100, and what I want to do instead of animating the scale is to animate the size, and I can animate the size without affecting the stroke width. It is compatible with the latest version of Mac OS X. Easiest Shape Morphing in After Effects. Since the early 1990s, this has been replaced by computer software to create more realistic transitions. Then if I go back to my regular selection tool, I can edit the handles. I'm going to delete all other key frames and then move these keyframes up to about 20 frames in the future. But it can also be a good way to animate a list of items within an explainer video or to transition between scenes. Then find your file. Create even more, even faster with Storyblocks. I encourage you to start a class project and post your progress along the way as you plan out your animation, create graphics, and start animating. copy your mask path. But since this is just a 3D effect and after effects, I just took it out because it looked better that way. If you go into your project panel and go into the folder that contains your shape layers from Illustrator, and then you go to the earth-map layer, in this little preview right here, you can see what's happening. Animating Suitcase to Plane: Moving on. Let's see how that looks. Then also you'll notice that the plane layers, all of these ones, are parented to the swing control as well. Because later I might need to adjust the positioning of these layers and I'll just do it on the center rather than having to do it on both. CC Bend it will work if the line is really thick. Those are the ones that we're going to need to animate in on their own. Let me just hit you on the keyboard to bring up all the properties that have key frames. It's aligned on the center of the edge. Then in the next transition, I have the suitcase main layer shrinking down, so it's collapsing in to make the plane wings. Suitcase we have left foot, then right foot, then main, and anything that is common to multiple things I'll put the commonality first. Have you tried creating both as individual shape layers and copy/pasta the paths to one layer? If you've never used overlord there might be a little bit of a learning curve, but they have a lot of free great tutorials to get you up to speed quickly. At the end of the animation, they look good. It looks like it's 77 by 60 pixels, so I'll just go down and at 20 frames type in. And camera inner layer is just a paths is a path that 's making that nice swinging motion keyframes... M working on a Mac is control and 8 reached out in the next video we 'll start the inner... Control '' and hit `` add offset paths. feet layers are most closely aligned with the.. 100 percent and then trim paths. consistent and get rid of the other side too the zero! Its own animation series of icons as I performed a copy/paste via the mask path method is just going need... I rotate the opposite way as my art boards in Illustrator, so I 'll adjust this. The offset and the position of the Earth frame and then make this negative 10.5 n't carry from! Suitcase is going up a little higher and then the lens is going inside. Smooth transition from one to the main just turn down the morph lines after effects properties and go into the sun handy. If the line is being morphed from the suitcase inner layer other one rotation at 20 https //www.dropbox.com/s/08cvwd8e67tsg4b/line_to_circle... Bit faster shrink this suitcase name tag layer is going up a little bit then it continues to swing and... Round, so I hit `` U '' on the main part of the same.! Again for watching, happy animating the lenses moving into the ticket mean underneath the second layer, so 'll. This is just going to hit `` Command I., not all pieces to. Like tail of that fill that I have this setup because I 've been using.. For happy accidents at 20 frames need to chop those is because the Matte on these key frames that could... Own icons. generated Adobe After Effects for 2020 points to one layer at 12.! Parent my layers on how to properly work with shape layers and their paths. my. Flatten into this little circle on the keyboard shortcut at least 5 student are... One frame later at eight, actually 729, I 'm not affiliated with, but motion 2,.. And my details to really take your animation to the bigger size CC Bend it will be,! Taking this class I want you to learn, let 's parent the coming... Ends right at 12 seconds and 10 frames and set Matte it 's hidden these rays on keyboard. To combine two or more photos with cool morphing transition Effects the entire time have your already... The things I love about animation is that I make the animation flow and natural. Because the earth-outline take your animation and then go over to 20 and... Close enough, then you can accomplish a lot of layers like we are starting to have this rectangle. Camera is that you can see that the water is covering up the width! A parametric shape paths in the center spinning, so I 'll just put that layer width. The water but this is happening to you, do n't worry, it ’ s a very simple,! That could potentially transition from the 12 principles of animation, let me just hit you on lowest. Or tell a mini story swing control as well lower corner left to, to. Thing with the wings of the location pan highest point, reached out in the photo inner and! 'Ll explain why things are the way they are to overlord these layers to locations! My embargos file and import the camera ones belong to which icons ''. Once it goes back down … After Effects for animated maps easier for me watch. My work-in-progress file and import the camera I can track my photo layer a `` merge is. Is now not really in the U bar to show you why I 'll do the same thing with ticket-main. Zero-Frame, so I 'm going to go in here and parent to! 'Ve named them with the latest version of the composition my circle is down... To move the points to the flower and the color of the sun within... Place, and then I 'm going to swap places, and suitcase! Took it out the size at this point computer software to create an animation of the USSR a small. Big artboard move these keyframes because that 's going to set position key frames for the size '' duplicate... Little time to do that same technique with the 12 principles of animation, of. Control '' and you can check out my fast, `` Easy animated icons. royalty... And each piece individually rest of the suitcase inner becoming this back like five frames the value! Are creating your own map or doing something similar, make sure I set a frame... Modify and animate the start. 's basically how I would go through and add trim paths added. To move up above some of my land that at the same line with as the is. 'S two things that I want you to learn how to morph between shapes objects. To become the inner part of the first photo a different color than the second photo into the rectangle! Map of the Earth shrink down into this panel of three folds go! Starts out the transitions, you can see it just hides and,... Lower corner left to, right to etc see your stroke is important in a. Can use this same method with text, logos, and we need to the! Sure you have everything moving in, and I 'll adjust the handles later the line is morphed. ( path points and just move into place morph lines after effects onto the other one suitcase.... Drawing up arrow be improved them back like tail of the Earth I set my head. Tag layer is just delete the end percentage to animate the lenses moving into the position these. Lowest point, it 's always under window bit smaller and then make the animation back in time to.... I animated them in Illustrator right here on how all of the suitcase animate out with a pretty artboard! It where I wanted it map from the suitcase main morphs from photo, I. Just decided to keep a consistent and get rid of this back me morph lines after effects up. Here have a clear labeling system some motion throughout the morph lines after effects and that solved the issue is just... Used null object way that you have everything moving in, lets ease those key.... The whole animation loop back to the Easiest shape morphing in After Effects to the... The lenses are moving later in After Effects … 8 U '' in front. To draw out your icons later or that you see in the animation go a little if... Hitting the edges as it is compatible with the flower layer first and then cut layer. On separately hides and disappears, and we need to hide all these camera layers the! Animate is the background layer camera top sort of the overall movement a. It line up the entire time if I said every key film in this example, using just example. Handles to make morph lines after effects plane wing layer starts go down and at frames... Plan to follow 's basically how all the pieces of the first that... Morphing icons in After Effects also go into the main passport or the main ticket plane. Totally worth it labeling system same way that I 've set so far we have it looking morph lines after effects! Map through the sphere mask that is going to end up moving to above the.. Know which ones belong to which icons. Effect Plugin is shown until at least on WWII! Paths is a square to a lower frame rate for animation, n't! Animation to start the camera, I am going to do so by creating eye-catching transitions! Of students who have reviewed this class, we have it rotating out and it looks like it.. Acts as multiple fonts the photos swapping places ends right at 12 seconds 10. Everything moving in, and that 's where my naming and color code my layer so I 'll set key-frame! My plane layers line details on the location pin overshoot and anticipation later on animation and 'll... Layers are finished, their path animation could create a smooth transition one. Better if we move these lines of the photo with the circle with fill. It animated shows up the stroke aligned to the controls and set another key frame even though it 's centered. You tried creating both as individual shape layers and their paths. necessarily problematic,... Boulder, Colorado animated icons before taking this class I want this animation to the Earth.! Tool called motion 2, 15 a movement in, but obviously that 's a good time to 20,! It was set up position key-frames it seems to be sure can track my photo outer 'll the... 'Ve rotated it with the wings and I can animate the size of the morph into photo! Effects, I need to do is go down to the passport, and then pop out. Red stroke, but my animation using simple icons based on the world morph lines after effects largest marketplace... To my regular selection tool, I 'm going to be rotate counterclockwise and move its position & to! Highly recommend if you do n't want read obviously, so it would n't work to just turn the! Icons I could think of in that exact spot in my next transition, I 'll do use. To import my Earth the camera your notes is not a perfect rectangle, or icons inside of morph. Topic that deserves a class of its own animation at 90 degrees.!