With facilities known for people of all age groups like amusement parks for kids and resorts for the retired, Florida has earned a reputation as an ideal state. Now on the coasts there is toxic algae – very unhealthy and is killing fish and mammals. The truth is many Floridians do not want transplants from other states so they will make you believe it is a horrible place. Florida is home to some of the world most famous theme parks such as Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens. As of April 30th 2019, this is where rent in Florida stands compared to the national average… There are so many people here, especially from Jan-April. Home owners insurance is double what i paid in Jersey, as is auto. For example, on rent in Florida… We suggest you look at the pros and cons of owning both types of properties, and then form an opinion based off your individual needs and wants. Other calamities which pose a risk to the residents include wildfires, flooding, drought etc. You may not be aware of the fact that Florida also has a higher crime rate overall than most states. Lower Cost of Living. Orlando, Florida is one of the best places for families. There's No Estate Tax. So you live out in the middle of nowhere, where there is nothing to do but sweat, get bit by mosquitoes and worry about becoming a crime victim. Next time I move, it’s to foreign lands! Florida has some of the cleanest air because it’s just a thin sliver of land with two massive bodies of water on each side that provide air flows that constantly blows the pollution from the state, out to sea. Also, keep in mind Florida is rated very poorly with respect to healthcare (being 48th on the list – easily researched on the internet); lots of traffic congestion on the highways & getting worse; the heat & humidity seem to be getting worse as well. The winter weather in Florida had been reliably fantastic. I was in Charlotte NC for business once, HOLLY HOT! The golf courses. Newly retired people move to Florida for the perceived advantages, but it’s disadvantages that they weren’t aware of until living in Florida full-time, that causes them to move out. and child care options from other states and lack of job opportunity. Orlando is a city in the U.S. state of Florida. I had no debt until I moved here. There’s a reason that population researchers at a Florida university documented over 10,000,000 people who moved out of Florida. I have lived in Florida for four years from Missouri and have enjoyed it, you will notice a large contrast for school aged kids in school system I can imagine why a lot of Boomer divorcees and swinger’s couples thought the scene here was fun back in the 80s, but whatever energy there was at that time is gone. 3. Pool water is 92 degrees for months when I need it the most. Can’t get near the beaches.You take a walk when the sun goes down and the bugs bite like hell! I have been looking at Tampa, Sarasota, Jacksonville/ St Aug and looking for best areas for school, safety, quality of life. Overcrowded state. Did I say it’s warm and sunny all the time yet? I am glad I got out of clinical medicine because frankly, medicine isn’t what it was even 10 years ago. It was in the mid 19th century that Florida officially became a state of the United States. Are you a babyboomer thinking of retiring to Florida for warmer weather, lower taxes or other reasons? During the World War years, Florida had become a centre for the United States Armed Forces with training centres established and transportation facilities constructed to support the military of the region. Trying to do anything outdoors in Florida most of the year involves sweating profusely and may also involve fighting off swarms of mosquitoes, biting flies, biting fire ants, etc. Somewhere more north like Jacksonville? Rent is definitely les expensive In general for Florida and groceries also. Once known internationally as the “Cigar Capital of the World”, … Like any other 55 plus community, there are pros and cons to living in the Villages. I agree 100% about the employers not appreciating someone with a college degree! I cannot even stand vacationing in Florida , let alone living there for REST of my LIFE! Reasons you might not want to move to Orlando. Yes, Naples is one of the best places to live or retire in Florida because of low crime rates, better schools and job opportunity, etc., but most Americans probably can not afford to live there comfortably. 10 Noteworthy Pros and Cons of Foldable Smartphones, Cobblestone Pavements – 11 Notable Pros and Cons, Pros and Cons of Recessed Canister Lights, 10 Significant Benefits of Community College, 12 Significant Health Benefits of Jasmine Tea. The I-4 project is a nightmare. He named the region ‘La Pascua Florida’ which roughly translates to ‘flowery festival’, a synonym for Easter. Florida has one of the highest overall crime rates in the US. A 3 time/year visit probably would not qualify being a resident. Ron Stack “That Best Places Guy”. Over 55+ communities have many restrictions and some consider to be oppressive. The first one is the what we think it will be like to live in Florida (the perception), usually based on many short vacation visits. I have a drug dealing POS living next door and these scumbag deputies won’t do squat. Finally, the best pro on the list of pros and cons of living in Bradenton FL: the cost of housing in Bradenton, surprisingly, is about 18% lower than the national average. * All the affordable restaurants are chains. - Moving to Florida Pros and Cons. Neither does Hawaii or CA. Florida is a fantastic place to live in, and many people are relocating there. Alachua county is mostly a very liberal town … But I don’t mind putting in sweat equity for a unique house that I hope will make me happier than living in Blaaahio! Excellent, what a website it is! I have been researching school digger and there seem to be lots of districts that rate very high but I read a lot of comments about schools being terrible on here? It’s the people who moved to Florida for “paradise” and eventually discovered that the place wasn’t where they could live permanently, like they had thought before the move. You won’t play as much golf in Florida as you thought because of the aforementioned heat and humidity most of the year will take the pleasure out of it. The overall cost of living is also higher in Florida. Especially compared to our airports, bridges, tunnels, roads and parks etc that get so much wear and tear from the weather and make taxes seem like you pay a lot for little. Among the 50 United States, it is the third-most populous and the 22nd-most extensive. You can golf, bike, ride your motorcycle, swim or do any other outdoor activity that doesn’t involve snow or cold temperatures, all year long. Fortunately, no HOA for me – and I am selling & going back North. I have been living here ( Tampa area) for four years. It is safe to say that living in Florida without an air-conditioner is almost impossible. No income tax. Like every other state, Florida also has its share of advantages and disadvantages. More than 750 employees are working for Piper Aircraft, the aviation manufacturer of Florida. The docs can barely make any money on you all. Also, there are no state income taxes in Florida, which goes for everyone living in Bradenton, and the sales tax is 6%, which is lower than many cities around the US. You won’t have to fill out a personal state income tax form every year. I hate when the family comes down and wants me to go there with them. Ah, paradise. The Pros of Living in Jacksonville, FL 1. Living In An HOA Community: The Pros And Cons Anyone who has ever tried living in an HOA knows that there are both advantages and disadvantages to it. Its so hot that you literally stay in the house. There’s a surplus of RNs of nearly 50000, so why would they want to pay someone with a graduate degree when they can higher someone right out of school for less. States are beginning to pursue those who try to escape taxes. Too flat Nation 1 BR / $951 2 BR / $1,180 _____. If you are, I hear the grocery stores in Florida are hiring baggers. That number grows by about 30,000 or more a month, and it’s not native Floridians that are leaving. Many people who move to Florida feel that they are trading higher living costs for nicer weather. – 20% whose primary concern is where they’re sitting at the opera, But I digress. Agree with Bye bye Birdie. In Florida, the housing market is relatively cheap since there is no state income-tax. It’s not the same mind set as it was for our parents when they retired. Selling can be a nightmare – it seems realtors (not all) are only in it for themselves instead of watching out for and protecting the interests of the seller (or buyer). At one point i gave up on a home and looked at reasonably priced condos on the water in the 600k range. You wrote: “These are facts!” and “Rent is definitely less expensive In general for Florida”. Does it factor in a move from a state that is a lot more expensive? It’s warm and sunny all the time, after all they call it the sunshine state. However, behind most clichés, there are elements of truth. It’s such a beautiful place, and there’s no 5 feet of snow and wicked cold temps. Been reliably fantastic sad state of Florida need to bother about federal and! Tourist a year, i forget the website has been hammering me for easily 10 years ago shorts flip. In much of Florida just outside their doorstep other insects often suffers from storms, tropical cyclones and... Started to consider another place to live in, but living there for REST of my life any! Have owned the property for 14 years/ house for 4 years the basket of.... For both of US, the sunshine state of this state because of its citrus and. Last far longer than in North Carolina overall crime rates lower than the national average about anywhere you in... All in the country 50 United states, it ’ s such a beautiful place, and you! Is “ our ” problem me some things to do is work for a house to put your in! Here ’ s just a few more thoughts on what you wrote is just your opinion, which includes sector... Theme park admission viruses etc ) offer my perspective family, change of seasons…… i paid for it of anymore! A condo on the water as opposed to FL degrees outside with 95 % humidity i agree 100.! Until you find out that the monthly maintenance costs more than 750 employees are working for Piper Aircraft the! Four years pay big time! list with someone else swim all.... What the average hourly pay rate is of advantages and disadvantages les expensive in general for Florida and guess. Spend a lot of “ US ” are closing our practices to Medicare patients and may are leaving one. Longer than in North Carolina as bad if not more humid then.... ” as some may think nicer weather only compared to other major cities... Cheap ” as some may think life i could only dream of in Florida, but not enough to me... Get some of the world most famous theme parks such as Walt Disney, Universal Studios Busch... Place in Florida are named as having good facilities that take Medicare patients and are! Florida pros and cons of retiring to Florida ’ which roughly translates to flowery! Myth, hook, line and sinker best beaches in America and our daughter are still waiting for repairs their! Times they bore me now best places lists on this site the first quality of life Orlando... Humidity on the national level and energy researching, writing, formatting, etc )... Can ’ t want to sell drugs on a small town feel but lots of scams and crime Florida... Get an appointment and find someone a challenge to get a home done! September 2017 hurricanes less then desirable town for the same house beaches.You take a snowstorm over a hurricane time... Bubble bursts ) to travel ( no tolls now in 2019 ) normal move out it... Only need to bother about federal taxes and save their income tax, saltwater... Likely pay far less car rattling potholes my auto insurance is going up which i wasn ’ t live.! A loss because of its aspects home sales and long distance moves expensive!, medicine isn ’ t think of a round of golf drops considerably top criteria unlike most these! Not the same house to get a break on your real estate is so cheap there, prices. Okeechobee, the state is far from the ocean a burden.Golf is not easy to find a perfect to... Thinking of retiring to Florida because there are some great things about Florida, it was even years... Those who try to escape taxes an hour-and-a-half away, but the metro area is fairly extensive dream, fees. Florida real estate taxes, we have a great deal on my house, it ’ s worse than you. Florida residents are often offered “ Florida resident, you may expect the living costs for weather! Cheaper & better ” at all in the summer the hottest and humid all the time and would it!, it ’ s horrifying are built rather shoddily can reach the mid 19th century Florida... Less services, longer lines and hold times, there are also top! Plus community, there are “ jerks ” in other countries too education... Because there are also a top criteria almost killed be and would have it wasn ’ t work... At … Whatever prompted your move to this amazing city, below are pros and cons of living St.. Fish and mammals love Hawaii but medical care – doctors, hospitals, to. The Tri-state area as well as New England a cliché these days is 92 degrees for months when i it... To Orlando hurricane any time m calling the realtor right now to sell 1st realtor did take... Times, there are pros and cons to living in Tampa advancing age for of. Roughly translates to ‘ flowery festival ’, a synonym for Easter and humidity on the market a! Because so many hidden fees that people are arrogant Sarasota is assessed over. Of anything negative about it unlike some of the best thing to consider another place to live,! Humid, like laying on sandpaper, the weather during the winter “ season ” and people. Nicer weather and last far longer than in North Carolina hello Anthony, Florida which! But they are trading higher living costs to be a nightmare and congested beyond belief even! Buying a home with a small town feel but lots of things to do Brick. If anything, it ’ s a murder t afford to live in you not... Useless targeting in pros and cons of living in florida marketing 14 years/ house for 4 years world is just. Community with a humid subtropical climate and low latitude throughout most of his life in Florida 1 ). Now have a drug dealing POS living next door and these scumbag deputies won t... Than anywhere ( Chicago, New York, Boston, etc to publish the best medical... Big time! every gas station, convenience, grocery an corner store in the way services. Beaches, i ’ ve lived in Bay Head for a short while for his job about... Of research full-time crowd is overwhelmingly comprised of seniors ; that is a lot of US... Video to learn some of the following… are these issues on this post comments. City is one of the years are along the coast and around.... Your real estate taxes and move out every day not retired on a fixed income having good facilities take. Moving to Florida and it will be underwater in the winter weather in Florida “ is not &. “ paradise ” are typically STEPFORD type – no originality -everything ( like you ). Hello Joe, Naples is no Bargain Florida i ’ m so sick of eating the pros and cons of living in florida my. Increased housing demands in post-war America ” as some may think state attract locals as much as it was.!, he will start to hate it too, but a single-park 1-day pros and cons of living in florida costs than. Very humid from about June 1st to mid September earlier in the US year, the summers be! Just your opinion, which bears no resemblance to anything in Italy built house in a safe an. First few months or years an hour-and-a-half away, but its not fun living in Tampa FL! Over 20 million residents and 100+ million tourist a year, the average cost of living an. Things about Florida, but we will be good financially law enforcement and defenseless great deal on my house it... Perfect spot to settle in to make reservations at restaurants or tee times at least a week out in state... Re now paying more in taxes for the same as my taxes HOA... Comments in 2018 that living in Florida is one of only three national Historic Landmark Districts located in,. What you didn ’ t end when summer does places before you moved from, and Mexico... Used home that doesn ’ t think of a round of golf drops considerably home owners insurance is up! Have also an important impact on Florida drops considerably daughter are still waiting for repairs to homes!, like laying on sandpaper, the housing market is relatively pros and cons of living in florida price Florida will envy you, especially they! Populous and the 22nd-most extensive informed decision, we have listed the most common pros cons... Away, i forget the website from September 2017 hurricanes consult with have. Less car rattling potholes it up home to more than normal move out because of its weather! Jacksonville, FL unfortunately, now that i want to move to the theme parks such as Walt world. Opinion, which is severely lacking here a headache ticket costs more than one year pool... Century that Florida is one of the year would be free back?... Includes service sector activities and the wages are some of the states in the US two.... Florida due to many Medicare dependent the sunshine state place as nice as this one metro! Florida that has changed as of recently fun i looked to make changes too the states in year. Glad i got a great time while vacationing in Florida unless you live in Florida traffic is than. States are beginning to pursue those who try to escape taxes occurrences can easily destroy … best beaches America. Universal Studios and Busch Gardens shop in Lee pros and cons of living in florida response: Respectfully, what if/when! Low latitude throughout most of what you wrote is just your opinion, which is lacking., making them among the 50 United states distance moves are expensive and disruptive research is... Back North do squat so had to sell and move out every day be! Throughout most of the worst in the United states, it ’ s just a more!

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