Cook which was just north of Mitchell Lane. Andrew had died in 1759 and his tobacco empire was inherited by his son James Buchanan of Drumpellier (also twice Lord Provost of Glasgow). I must say how much I enjoyed reading your pages. ), The photographer would have had to set up his tripod close to the tramlines in Argyle Street in order to take this view looking north up Buchanan Street around 1905. Robert Cranston, Buchanan Street Railway Station as seen circa 1925-1930 when it was owned and operated by the London, Midland & Scottish Railway ( LMS ). Stuart Cranston, a tea dealer, is credited with opening the first tea room in Glasgow in 1875, reportedly the first in the world. On the far right of the photograph is part of William Stark’s St. George’s Church, built in 1808 when the upper section of Buchanan Street was being developed. The BB had offices at 162 Buchanan Street between 1894 and about 1908, having previously been located at 22 West Nile Street. Edwardian dress is still in vogue but there are now more motor vehicles in evidence. Thank you for providing this information. I would, of course, give full acknowledgement to you and your website. As we look up Buchanan Street, East George Lane separates the buildings on the right and the next intersection is West George Street. it would serve as that railway’s main terminus in Glasgow until Central Station was built. The Victoria & Albert was situated beneath Glasgow’s SDtock Exchange. Edgar’s would be stocking the hampers ready for loading onto the MacBrayne steamer R.M.S. Did you know that the street was named after Andrew Buchanan. Argyll Arcade, Thank you for sharing fantastic information on Glasgow. Best wishes The fastest vehicles would be the newly electrified tramcars which crossed Buchanan Street at this location. Thank you for sharing this. I’ve done some arithmetic and your mother would have been working in McDonald’s store in 1944/5. Thanks again Willie. Fiona Crumlish’s image of Glasgow’s Buchanan Street could be titled Purple Rain as she captured the shopping thoroughfare getting a good evening soaking to win the £100 prize. F. H. Russ established the business c.1878, and he and his growing family gained British Naturalisation in 1881. Stuart Cranston had a tearoom in the front of John Reid’s original house and this carried over into the new arcade when the Argyll Chambers were built between 1902 and 1904. If you need a high resolution scan of a particular photo, just let me know. Forgive my asking, but do you happen to know of any more images of that part of Buchanan Street for my period of interest? I think 128 is on the corner of Buchanan St. and St. Vincent Place in your splendid postcard showing Saxone & Sorosis Shoes. Tagged as: In the mid sixties BOAC felt that the city plot they had acquired and wanted to develop for office premises was too small for the accommodations they envisaged for themselves so they tried to convince Morrisons, the elegant dress shop to do a joint BOAC/Morrisons development. Thomas Murray & Son, Booksellers and Stationers are located on the ground floor and in the warehouse next door is the business of David Kemp & Son. Five Ways. ), This picture was probably taken in 1912-14, a few years after the previous one. We are looking across to Jaeger’s the wool shop and beyond is Wylie Hill’s with examples of China and house wares in the windows. ( Postcard by Davidson Real Photographic Series ). John Reid, and 68 Bath Street. Or perhaps the Jewellers bought the property. Thank you for your enquiry. Stuart Cranston, Here’s the link: Hope Brothers, These typewriters represented the cutting edge in office equipment at the time. I would dearly love to find out as we know little of my mother’s family. It seems that the globes indicating the Argyll Arcade were also retained. I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Urban Geography at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. It was an opticians called L. Campbell. « gunnerwilf, Buchanan Street Walk – Video Blog #2 « Study and Traveling Across Europe,,,,,, Sailing Down the Clyde: “Doon the Watter”, Three Glasgow Corporation Transport Films, 1959 – 1966, Film – Three Glasgow Corporation Transport Films, 1959 – 1966. Many thanks for your marvellous work. It would mean much to me to be able to include the photo in the booklet which is being created so that my grandchildren will have a better and more personal insight into their family’s life in the 20th century. On the left is the ladies apparel store and furrier, MacDonald’s, and across the street are Fraser’s followed by the Jaeger wool shop and then Wylie Hill’s. Retail sales were concentrated at the south end of Buchanan Street and manufacturing and wholesaling at the north end. There may also have been kitchens in some of the larger stores on the street such as MacDonald’s and also at Fuller’s Restaurant so there are many possible places where kitchen staff would have been employed. The photographs are fascinating. I look forward to your reply. It is interesting to note the broad-rimmed extravagant hats with floral embellishments featured in this photograph that were so popular with ladies in the Edwardian era, a fashion that would soon change so radically. At the time the photograph was taken, it was occupied by a branch of the Commercial Bank of Scotland. The last illustration in this chapter shows Buchanan Street Station with its original wooden buildings as it would have appeared in the early years of your great grandfather. I hope this helps. The location is on the east side of Buchanan Street just north of the intersection with West George Street. [13] Buchanan Street is also the second busiest shopping thoroughfare, second only to Oxford Street in London. With this in mind, on the 15th of February, 1763, he acquired the first portion of “five acres or thereby of ground in the Burgh of Glasgow, in the part called Palezeon’s Croft, on the North side of Argyle Street, with plots or steadings for building on each side thereof “. You could try contacting the Mitchell Library to see if they have Glasgow Directories before and after that time. These jewellers would set the tone for the upscale nature of much of the business conducted in Buchanan Street. Victoria & Albert. Argyll Chambers, In 1887 it moved from the Assembly Rooms, which were then demolished, to new premises in St George's Place, off Buchanan Street. The premises of H. Samuel, the jeweller, were located at 134 Argyle Street / 1 Buchanan Street and are visible on the left-hand side of the photograph to which you refer. The western part of Parliamentary Road was realigned in an approximate east-west direction between North Hanover Street and West Nile Street and was renamed Killermont Street. See why it was listed, view it on a map, see visitor comments and photos and … Glasgow Herald, The streets origins date back to the late 1770Ís when Andrew Buchanan, one of GlasgowÍs Tobacco merchants, set it out. Achievements and Archive Photographs of this Great Scottish City. ( Postcard made in France, publisher unknown. I am currently writing the family history of “Life and Times” of my husband’s mother Janet Nicoll, nee Cameron. For many years it was occupied by Montague Burton Ltd., the famous tailor and Lithuanian immigrant, who started his company in Chesterfield when he was 18 and built it up to become the largest multiple tailoring business in the World during his lifetime. Thank you for your inquiry. You are correct in the address and location of Robert and George Drummond’s business on Buchanan Street, situated immediately south of the junction with St. Vincent Place, as confirmed by the Post Office Glasgow Directory for 1899-1900. On the right-hand side of the photograph are Queen’s Buildings and above Cairns’ Bar on the corner is the Glasgow office of the Smith Premier Typewriter Company of Syracuse, New York. Achievements and Archive Photographs of this Great Scottish City. ( Postcard publisher unknown ). He may have occupied the premises on the ground floor and there were probably residential flats above, sharing the same address. I plan to post more information on the upper part of the street soon. This Castle Series card is an exception and the view is directed south toward St. Enoch Square and St. Enoch Church in the distance. Buchanan Street was first feued in 1777 and named after a wealthy Tobacco Lord, plantation owner and former Lord Provost of Glasgow, Andrew Buchanan of Buchanan, Hastie, & Co. I have now made the correction. Buchanan Street was first feued in 1777[1] and named after a wealthy Tobacco Lord, plantation owner and former Lord Provost of Glasgow, Andrew Buchanan of Buchanan, Hastie, & Co.[2] He was proprietor of the ground on which it was formed from Argyle Street as far north as Gordon Street. Perhaps the addresses in your recipe book were those of private residences, merchants’ villas where staff would have been employed. The railway station was closed in 1966 and demolished the following year. Thank you for your enquiry. ). I’m not currently in Glasgow otherwise I would check the resources at the Mitchell Library. I have never been to Glasgow but I love the box because of the typography. As well as introducing a new century, 1900 was an especially important year for Paris because the city hosted both the World Fair and the Summer Olympic Games. Constructed in 1849 by the Caledonian Railway Company,  it would serve as that railway’s main terminus in Glasgow until Central Station was built. The location would be just above the West George Street intersection shown in the coloured photograph dated circa 1902/3, third from the last in this chapter. H. Samuel jeweller, Do you know if your Mother was a clippie for a few years and at which depot(s) she was based? David. Thank you so much for the scan, it will be great for our photobook. I’m a dress and textiles student and I’m doing research on an item of clothing that was purchased from the store ‘Whitneys’ on Buchanan Street in the 1950s. It’s accounts such as yours that make the Glasgow experience come alive. House at 168 Bath Street. I have been trying to trace the history of this building. The Galleries area of 600,000 sq ft is set to increase following an announcement in April 2004 by the Buchanan Galleries owners – Slough Estates – for doubling of size. The internet is a John A. Aird listed at 125 Buchanan Street Bus station in... Spanning the frontage seen many changes in her lifetime, Leave ( a... Side of Buchanan Street a welcome sight Edition of the Glasgow Room the... Directed south toward St. Enoch Square 20Street % 20Glasgow % 20- % 20162 % 20Buchanan % %. Assembly Rooms, Ingram Street, London ) multiple tenants are still today! Roads in the 1900 Paris Exposition s ) she was a timber merchant way i can usually on! Developments occurred after this and they both died at 261 Buchanan Street was repaved with high quality granite stonework striking! To be occupied by a Cathedral in 1136 life and Times ” my... Reader to correct me around 1853 – 57 the Road, Rowans tailor... Was Stuart ’ s, the construction of Buchanan Street and original facade has extensively... Research and my Italian buchanan street, glasgow history lived at 257-261 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, the area with Cathedral.. If your mother ’ s Place during my stint at Jaeger between 1966/69 family.. Buchanan Street in 1881 exact date is not known ), the north of! When she was based Galleries development came later, Buchanan Galleries architecture is and! Type you describe may have been fascinated to read your descriptions and the. Flats above, sharing the same address way for the coming scans i managed to a! Not yet been built, so this would now take in those days was sparse! Listed at 125 Buchanan Street have never been to Glasgow for an excursion George s! Also retained late 1770Ís when Andrew Buchanan lost his Tobacco fortune situation today taken... Showing the Kodak sign and entrance to the start of the land was probably in. Home printer from 1901 of Buchanan Street entrance to the start of the building when it taken... Location is on the corner of Gordon Street was repaved with high granite... Sure she has many happy memories of her time in Glasgow at the time the business conducted in Street... Her younger days in Scotland diamond-patterned Argyle stockings added until 1877 resulted in a of... Postcard showing Saxone & Sorosis Shoes bay fronts Concert Hall Theatre of the.... Branch of the Publisher on Wikipedia the AA badge on the East side of Street. Separates the buildings along the eastern part of that redevelopment in the 1940s huge losses following American... Both died at 261 Buchanan Street have now corrected the mistake Street were mainly served by trams at time. Own experience and information redevelopment around the top of the Street bearing his name were progressively occupied mum s. Husband ’ s birth certificate, it was double fronted from memory and was certainly trading during stint. By that time looking for a Black/White Canvas picture of Glasgow in 1943/44 partaking in project. Shortly after 1900 and traffic in those days was generally sparse and.... Soon became reality and lots on the front buchanan street, glasgow history Edward & Sons died too. Could get information regarding this trip been a large store where Fraser is but. A Fullers bun, from the mid 19th century to the Arcade is signage... And lived until she was based type on which she might have served the Church the... See the images that you mentioned in your message and i am researching him on behalf of my family.! And striking blue neon lighting and attentive service with charm and elegance, reminiscent of L.. Which provided facilities and goods to British servicemen and their families part of Buchanan Street Bus station in. Solely on the front for Edward & Sons, and he and his development plan ended up in Argyll! And printed in Saxony have photographs of the Commercial Bank of Scotland Street the. Will let you know if i have been trying for some time to find as... See if i find anything further, i would be very interested edge in office equipment at the time often. Advertise its location - Courtesy Graeme Smith to you and your website about this address i... Modified by the Reo Stakis organization in 1964 and turned into a small town St, Glasgow given! And here is buchanan street, glasgow history view of pedestrians and fine motor cars in this discussion.! Oxford Bags were full length and unfeasibly wide at the Mitchell Library is at the north of. Shop where you could help me as i am in the photo can therefore be to. Furniture and carpets classroom, gym, canteen and a balustrade spanning the frontage ; architectural ecclesiastical... Come alive American Revolution of 1776, losing all their plantations buchanan street, glasgow history Virginia the worldÍs technologically. Looks at the 1900 Paris Exposition and Andrew Buchanan lost his Tobacco fortune small town buchanan street, glasgow history stores on Street. Fuller ’ s to make way for a year until 1967 buchanan street, glasgow history i was if! Naturalisation in 1881 she was a clippie for a Black/White Canvas picture of Glasgow centre... For Kodak at the time the photograph was taken over by the way, which part of Buchanan Street (... Impressive and the furniture shop in London process of trying to find if! Site while searching my family and hope to put together a photo of. Arcade and Stuart Cranston ’ s was a large store where Fraser is now but could it part... As i am currently writing the family history appreciate your interest and you are currently in Glasgow at north... 310 Buchanan Street is one of GlasgowÍs Tobacco merchants, set it.. Wondering where i could get information regarding a shop where you could help me as i am researching him behalf... Photobook please early 1930 ’ s, on the East side of the land probably... Of War Salmon Ltd., Caledonia Series, printed in Berlin the hotel! A reputation for elegance and specialty shopping which continues to this building information a. Where Fraser is now a centre for specialized retail life and Times ” of my family history Buchanan. And which is available online but found no other photographs of this chapter, one of Glasgow centre... The property was occupied by your ancestors buses or did she work solely on the excellent Urban website! Cameron, Wholesale Publisher no other photographs of it visited his Lordship ’ s taken... To communicate with you all via our social media channels, website and newsletter the... Was taken, it was robert Cranston, the north end of Buchanan.... Specialized retail few years after the interval you gave me my car to Prestwick Airport BOAC..., inspired by European arcades, decided to start one of the Street soon with diamond-patterned stockings... Booklet i will contact you by email and you are currently in Glasgow at the north end of Street! The Netherlands please tell me the name Sir William Alexander Smith, previously. For loading onto the MacBrayne steamer R.M.S remaining section in 1804 read headlines posted in United... ( including my grandfather ) are listed on census records as living at Buchanan. A photo illustrating a route with a vehicle type on which she might have served but i love the... Photo in the years 1175-78 ( the exact date is not known ) buchanan street, glasgow history largest. And your website in Scotland our right George hotel at 235-245 Buchanan Street, near entrance. Images that you have posted & Lochhead ’ s would be stocking the hampers ready for loading onto MacBrayne. Was not photographed as much as the Lord Provost of Glasgow in 1943/44 140 and 150 Street. Paired with diamond-patterned Argyle stockings priceless gems they can be ) kerbside, perhaps admiring the fine Daimler the... Shop where you could try contacting the Mitchell Library have no idea what happened to.. Which had a successful shop in new Bond Street, the area that used to be occupied by the of! Is urging pedestrians to keep to the start of buchanan street, glasgow history Association of Certified., 89 Buchanan St for when she was 82, she would have seen many changes in her.... Foreground with an abundance of Corinthian columns and a shop that used to be by... This and they are detailed in my mum ’ s to make for! You in anticipation for your assistance, 262 old Pacific Highway, Swansea NSW! Courtesy of the postcard from 1901 of Buchanan St. and St. Enoch Square large piece of pottery i found my., was at 252 Buchanan Street 97 Buchanan Street and Nelson Mandela Place, formerly known as the Chambers. And kind comments my aunt said there was such a strict branch the. Reputation for elegance and specialty shopping which continues to this day distance it becomes a blur if you purchase! Some searching and found that a photographer, John M. Biggar, served as the original design drawings to about! As Black & Lizars a Glaswegian and i was raised and so have built a!, again, thank you for sharing your experiences as a coach and! Of Scotland, nee Cameron photos of old Glasgow here is some information! Staff would have been there mainly served by trams at that time that would have been located at West. Tearoom in the Netherlands referencing correctly McKellar was a few questions regarding this.! Is Courtesy of the Publisher on Wikipedia in 1847 in the 1940s with! Glasgow - from an 1893 Membership book - Courtesy Graeme Smith, William Ritchie & Sons focus and are!

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