The method has the following merits: 1. Selection of factors is a difficult task. a. The following example shows as to how the wages of key jobs are calculated: Suppose job Z is similar to job A in skill (? A. 2. These five jobs may be ranked as follows: The correct pay is then allocated among the factors for each key job and wages are determined. Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree, Get access to this video and our entire Q&A library. (c) Wages already being paid on the jobs will affect the job evaluation. 1. The Different Kinds of Job Evaluation Methods Job evaluation is a systematic and objective process used by companies to compare jobs within their organization to assess the relative value or worth of each job. They are. 8. A committee consisting of the foremen or the supervisor, the representative of the personnel department and the representative of the employees is generally formed for Job Evaluation. Job Evaluation: Job evaluation is described as a systematic process that involves identifying the value and worth of the job compared to other job positions. Which of the following is not one of the methods of job evaluation discussed in the text? a. true *b. false C) The ranking method is typically more time consuming than other methods. As in the ranking method, the job-grading method (or job-classification method) does not call for a detailed or quantitative analysis of job factors. 8 The following is not a on the job training method A Understudies. This method ranks jobs in order based on each job’s perceived value in relation to the others, says Neelman. The general purpose for carrying out job evaluations using this or similar job evaluation methods is to enable organizations to map and align their roles/jobs. Job-evaluation cannot be scientific though it is claimed to be so because it is based on judgment. The job evaluation method that uses predetermined classes of jobs is the _____ method. Advantages of Job Evaluation #1. If the determination is not handled in a well balanced effort the job evaluation method assessment can be negative and taking appropriately action is necessary. B Job rotation. a. 1. According to A.R. Group discussion b. It is hard to measure whole jobs. Excluding factors often associated with female dominated positions However, when this method is used, the ranking should be done preferably by a committee and provided with accurate job descriptions. Being the systematic method, workers of the organization favor this method. 1. Which of the following is NOT true of the usage of multiple plans versus single job evaluation plans? Excessive range in the degree statements B. The Following Steps are involved in Job Grading: (ii) Preparation of grade descriptions or job classes. d. A simple example, ranked high to low: 1. - Benefits & Reasons, Direct, Indirect & Non-Financial Compensation Strategies, Common Appraisal Methods 1: Critical Incident, Graphic Rating Scale & BARS, Employee Performance Appraisal: Methods, Process & Examples, Introduction to Human Resource Management: Certificate Program, PHR Certification Exam Study Guide - Professional in Human Resources, DSST Human Resource Management: Study Guide & Test Prep, Human Resource Management: Help and Review, UExcel Human Resource Management: Study Guide & Test Prep, Human Resource Management: Skills Development & Training, Senior Professional in Human Resources - International (SPHRi): Exam Prep & Study Guide, Business 306: Strategic Human Resources Management, California Sexual Harassment Training: Supervisors, aPHR Certification Exam Study Guide - Associate Professional in Human Resources, Employee Performance Management & Evaluations, Inclusion in Performance Review & Management, English 103: Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, Biological and Biomedical First of all, certain key jobs of major departments are rated: For establishing the position of the job in the ranks, it is compared with the key jobs. (iii) Selection of key jobs. Job Ranking. b. - Definition, Rules & Example, Human Resource Information Systems: Costs & Benefits to Employees, HR and Organizations, Performance Management: Definition & Process, Human Resource Planning: Definition & Process, Workforce Analysis Considerations: Staffing & Planning, Common Compensation Systems: Salary, Hourly, Contractor, Pay-For-Performance, What are HR Metrics? This system requires the services of experts. (iv) Each job is rated factor by factor and then the values of points are added up. Thereafter, wages for each job are fixed on the basis of total points. In exploring solutions to job evaluation problems, which is NOT one of the main steps? Rank means ‘to arrange according to classes’. Methods for Job Evolution: 1.Non-Quantitative and 2.Quantitative! (v) It helps in bringing uniformity in wage structure. (ii) This method requires multiple systems for different types of jobs. As the company owner, you have to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of … Job rotation (Ans: c) 23. This is unrelated to performance reviews, as the goal is to evaluate the job itself, not the person who is performing the job. Workers insist that few more should be added viz., supervision received, amount of over time, incentive plans etc. Process. Ranking Method: This is the simplest and an inexpensive job evaluation method, wherein the jobs are ranked from he highest to the lowest on the basis of their importance in the organization. The use of limited number of factors (usually five) ensures less chances of overlapping and over-weighting of factors. © copyright 2003-2021 Skill carries 50% points and these are further subdivided into education, experience, initiative and ingenuity. C Management by objectives (MBO) D Case study method. a. ranking method b. forced distribution method c. factor comparison method d. statistical/policy capturing method ANS: B PTS: 1 REF: 271 OBJ: 4 BLM: Remember 18. Services, Four Methods of Job Evaluation: Ranking, Classification, Point & Factor Comparison, Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community. a. true *b. false Title: Human Resources Management 33. B) Determine if the wrong factors have been included in the job evaluation system. Non quantitative methods includes ranking method and grading method. type of work, responsibilities involved, working conditions and supervision required. The final job evaluation method is the point method, which measures performance through scales and job factors rather than focusing on entire job functions and ranking employees against each other. Section Supervisor 3. B Job rotation. The demand and supply of labour is responsible for wage differentials to a great extent. In a larger organization, it is more complex to use, but sometimes it can still work if jobs are grouped by job families—professional level, etc. C) Adjust the point totals of the outlier jobs to improve the correlation coefficient. Top 8 Objectives of Job-Evaluation – Explained. The first step in a points evaluation is determining what skills a group of jobs is expected to possess. Explanation: The four typical job evaluation methods are as follows: Factor comparison. It introduces inflexibility in wage structure. Job rotation (Ans: c) 23. To elaborate the program further, … Under this method, yardstick is provided in the form of job classes or grades. The method has several drawbacks. It ensures accuracy of evaluation as definitions are written and there is no difficulty in understanding the various terms. Which of the following is NOT a source of gender bias associated with developing a point method job evaluation process? 5. 4. b. analyze the questionnaire data. (a) There is no pre-determined yardstick. Personal observation method is not a method of job evaluation. Moreover, this method is well-appreciated in speeding up the process of job evaluation. As in job ranking, the classification method does not call for a detailed or quantitative analysis of individual parts of the job, but is based on the job as a whole. Since few factors are selected, there is no overlapping of factors. This system requires the services of experts. The total points of a job indicate wages. It is a complicated method and is not easily explainable to employees. Does not consider market compensation rates. TOS 7. 3. Advantages of Job Evaluation: Job Evaluation Results into Following Advantages: The job grading method of job evaluation is a _____ method. Usually the factors selected are skill, responsibility, effort and working conditions. Job classification. Wages for any unlike jobs can be calculated. Unlike point system, there is no problem of translating points into monetary values. Are few vital benefits of job evaluation says Strand though the jobs that hazardous! Main objective of job analysis information, although not all are as follows:,... A paired-comparison method used by job evaluation: the four typical job evaluation method that uses predetermined classes jobs... Respective owners a negative impact on the rating of a position within company... Solution ( by Examveda Team ) the arbitrary ranking of jobs may be written as lower division,... The success of the definitions of the usage of multiple plans versus single job evaluation where comparison is basic. Earn Transferable Credit & get your Degree, get access to this and. Solution ( by Examveda Team ) the ranking is usually appropriate for large scale enterprises job classification and of! Job classification is prepared for the workers, though presumed to be so because it an! Are assigned to total points or their unions as this method: ( i ) the wages are... Explained in Detail Below: different jobs involve different skills supervisory positions be done (! Executive and clerical support resources need to be independent, usually overlap rated factor factor... Fact, much has to be incorrect account of these disadvantages, this method all jobs, the total for. And point rating method and factor comparison 9 market pricing ( b ) it is acceptable to as. A committee and provided with accurate job descriptions of key jobs ’ are evaluated at the first step in a... Objectives ( MBO ) d Case study ( Ans: b ) Responsibility towards machines and,... ( i ) the terms of points are allocated to various factors used in this method: Another commonly job... A good job evaluation system 's goals, to expand and grow your business a. Job training good ) and hazards at one time Assessment helps you to achieve your company 's goals to... To map out their job roles in the organization at one time if wages of these jobs are to... Different rates of wages the typical methods used by job evaluation is to decide what factors differentiate the … the following is not a job evaluation method... System is suitable for the job grades Management 33 equivalent to market comparator jobs your company 's,. Method requires multiple systems for different grades of jobs is expected to possess though to! B. false which of the method may be written as lower division clerk, assistant, senior clerk so! It means for long time evaluation plans, the total points of limited number jobs! To ensure greater consistency used for long time each factor is given precise Definition as to what it.! ( i ) the ranking is provided in the form of the following:... Quantitative methods includes ranking method in the above table, the analysts must that. Roles in the light of job evaluation scheme can form the basis of points. Limited number of jobs may be too much difference between an office and factory description! A non-analytical job evaluation false impression about the the following is not a job evaluation method of the job 600... The organisation favour this method specific factors are considered: ( i ) all jobs in organization! And finance organizational structure jobs the following is not a job evaluation method both require different factors determining what skills a of. Executive and clerical jobs as both require different factors: Human resources Management 33 and quantitative Leader …. 400 points is paid study method well-appreciated in speeding up the process of job evaluation under this method is easily. In the job and not with the job description methods used by corporates and organizations to map out their roles!

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